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Life Coaching

  • 5Days
  • 8Steps


SARAH IBRAHIM – INSPIRATION COACH I help women to take the inspired action that will unlock the future they dream of. I help them to rise and fully own their power by aligning with their desires through the embodiment of self-love and positive mindset. We work on challenging limiting beliefs and harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction. I teach my clients how to create and manifest a life beyond their wildest imagination and give them the tools and strategy to maintain this for themselves. I truly believe that we can do, be and have it all in this life. We are the co-creators of our reality and on that basis, with a little help and guidance from someone like me, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Things I have helped clients with include: Building self-confidence and self-belief Conviction in decision-making Empowering self Restore happiness Crush negativity Manifesting Breaking through fear Understanding self on a deeper level Stepping into own power and becoming best version of self Overcoming imposter syndrome Coping mechanisms Embracing change Finding their purpose Changing thinking Money mindset I offer a mix of 1:1 intuitively led coaching, and group programs.

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