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International Women's Day - 8th March 2023 -The Ridge, Swindon

Heads2Minds is a mental health and wellbeing charity that covers the Essex county in supporting young people and families with their challenges with mental health. We work in schools, care homes and with individuals.

On the 8th March we attended a fantastic event in Swindon Hosted by the amazing spiritual business coach Samantha Jayne who works to help female business owners go from feeling blocked to blessed!

The turnout was amazing and we heard from some truly inspirational speakers who each gave their story to help empower women to do what they want and to just keep going.

Samantha Jayne spoke about how and why women should choose wealth and how we should find our own genius and monetise that!

Karen Edwards, the mum of Becky who was murdered by Chris Haliwell gave a great insight into standing up for what you believe in and spoke clearly about fighting for justice for becky and other women

We also heard from our very own Liz Rotherham who spoke about Mental health and the importance of raising awareness to get rid of bad stigma and gossip surrounding mental health challenges.

Fiona Dasilva - Adam spoke about her journey from abuse to success and how she has taken her own experience to set up Revolution Performing Arts encouraging young people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Fiona Scott spoke about her journey to becoming a working class women in the media and let us know that everyone has a story and we can change the world one story at the time!

Lastly we heard from Swindons licensing officer who explained the global safety initiative Ask for Angela that has been rolled out across Swindon! The initiative allows people who feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened to ask for help by approaching venue staff and using the “Angela” code word.

Overall we had a fantastic time and we cant wait for next year! Thank you to each and everyone who helped us raise money to help us spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of suicide. The amazing speakers were so inspiring and it was great to see so many amazing women in one place! Let’s make every day women's day!

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