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Annual Charity Golf Day with Sanctus

On the 18th August, Heads2minds and Sanctus, hosted a special charity golf day at the beautiful Stockbrook Manor. It turned out to be a fantastic day filled with fun and generosity, showing how coming together can create a positive impact.

The day started a bit rainy, but surprisingly, the weather got better and turned into a wonderful day. We welcomed everyone warmly, and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.

People were excited to take part in various competitions and win prizes, all while supporting our charitable causes. One of the highlights was the "Beat the Pro" challenge, where players tried to play better than a professional golfer. We also had a fun game called "Blind Putting," where players closed their eyes and tried to putt the ball into the hole. We didn't forget about teams and individuals who did well – we gave out prizes to celebrate their achievements.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was an auction. We auctioned off some really cool things, such as a Fulham shirt, tickets to a West Ham game, and opportunities to play golf with a group of friends. People bid on these items enthusiastically, all to raise money for our important causes. At the end of the day, we were thrilled to announce that we had raised a total of £4500. This money will go directly to helping Heads2minds and Sanctus Homeless Charity to help make a difference in our community. This achievement shows how much good we can do when we work together.

Overall, our charity golf day at Stockbrook Manor was a big success. It wasn't just about raising money – it was about having a great time, supporting each other, and making a positive impact. The day reminded us that when we join hands for a good cause, amazing things can happen.

A warm thank you to all the participants, sponsors, donors, and volunteers who contributed their time, resources, and generosity. Together, we've shown the true spirit of community and compassion, and we're deeply thankful for your role in making a positive change in the lives of those in need. Your kindness and commitment are truly appreciated.

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