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Domestic Abuse

At Heads2Minds, we are committed to raising awareness about domestic abuse in the UK and providing support to those affected by it. We work closely with Alpha Vesta, an organisation that specialises in training on domestic abuse, to equip our team with the necessary knowledge and skills to address this critical issue. 


What is Domestic Abuse? 

Domestic abuse refers to a pattern of harmful behaviour used by one person to gain power and control over another in a domestic setting, such as a relationship or a family. It can manifest in various forms, including:-


  • physical

  • emotional

  • psychological

  • financial

  • sexual abuse

The nature of the behavior, whether it occurs once or repeatedly, is irrelevant. Domestic abuse, along with associated stalking and harassment, has far-reaching effects. Its repercussions are felt not just by the victim and their family, but also extend to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues, creating waves throughout communities and workplaces. 

Domestic abuse can be interpreted differently by individuals. Certain individuals may not relate to the term 'domestic abuse' or see themselves as either a 'victim' or 'perpetrator' of abuse. Nevertheless, individuals in various roles can fall into these categories; the signs may simply go unnoticed.

Domestic abuse is indiscriminate; there is no set image of a perpetrator or victim, and incidents can vary widely in their nature.

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