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Everyone perceives the world in a different way based on their experiences, genetics and the people they meet. Having a mentor is an opportunity for children and young adults to build a relationship with someone who can offer them insights and guidance in new, fun and caring ways.

Mentors can serve a range of purposes; it will depend on what a mentee needs or is looking for. They have time and skills that others may not be able to currently give. They will also have a range of interests that a mentee hasn't had the opportunity to discover yet, and it could give them a new direction or sense of purpose.  

They can help their mentees grow academically. They may be able to explain things in different ways, or have personal experiences which helps them relate to their mentees and find alternative ways for them to learn. It could also be a chance to inspire mentees to aim higher. New experiences can open a mind to opportunities that haven't considered before.


A mentor can also help an individual grow to be more resilient, confident and aware. Trying new hobbies, or even simply having more contact with nature can sometimes be enough to feel more grounded in life. Mentees will also be able to offer advice on what has got them through tough times, with no particular agenda. This can positively impact many aspects of a young persons life, including their behaviour at school.

Mentors can also be viewed as simply an outlet: someone to talk to who is not necessarily involved in their current situation, who can listen without judgment and maybe offer a different take on things from time to time. The could involve just having a hot chocolate together. A chance to offload and feel seen.  Or it could be a walk in the park with a mentor’s dog.

At Heads2Minds, we offer to mentor children and young adults over the age of 11 years old. If any of the above has sparked your curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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