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Honouring and Supporting Families During Pregnancy, Infant, and Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place between the 9th and 15th October. It is dedicated to raising awareness towards the impact of pregnancy and infant loss. This week is observed globally and is aimed to reduce stigma and start open conversations about one's thoughts and feelings. The grief surrounding baby loss is a fragile and unchartered terrain requiring gentle communication. 1 in 4 individuals experience pregnancy or baby loss, which is not spoken about enough. Here at Heads2minds, we approach the subject with the greatest empathy and try to lighten the shadows that usually surround these conversations.

How can you support someone going through baby loss?

During this time the individuals involved need kindness, compassion and care. Express your condolences and listen with empathy. Here are some simple tips you can do to support the individuals in need:

  • Give them a space to openly communicate when they are ready. Grief manifests in different ways in different people, follow their direction on their grief journey. Perhaps you could give them some practical support such as helping them with easy daily tasks such as cooking or running errands.

  • Let them know they are not alone and you are there when they need it

  • Educate yourself about infant and baby loss; becoming more informed can help you generate more understanding and empathetic responses.

  • Check in with the individuals regularly to ensure they are as okay as possible. At the same time you must respect their privacy, what they are going through is incredibly personal and they may need some alone time to process what has happened.

  • Signpost to professional help if you feel that they need some extra support.

Join the Baby Loss awareness wave of light at 7pm on the 15th October, where they encourage people to light candles in remembrance and honour for babies who have left the world too soon.

Take a look at the baby loss awareness website to hear some personal stories and take a look at the different support that can be offered:

Join the conversation this Baby Loss Awareness Month. Share your story, offer support, and contribute to the collective effort to raise awareness and foster understanding. Use #BabyLossAwareness and #WaveOfLight to connect with others on social media. Let's create a world where grief is met with compassion and love is a guiding light through the shadows.

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