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Crystal Healing

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

What is Crystal Healing Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a technique that involves placing crystals on and around the body, and the crystals have been known to absorb, focus and detoxify the energy as they interact with different points. Crystal healing is holistic and non-invasive and means bringing the mind, body, spirit, and environment back into harmony. Crystals used to be used as talismans, and there was no exact date when crystal healing started, but we can see evidence of it in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The Ancient Egyptians used it for protection and health, whilst Ancient China tended to use Jade as an essence of love and luck.

The Science

Crystals have largely been dismissed due to research suggesting the benefits may be down to a placebo effect; however, new studies have found that be

cause crystals are made from different elements and compounds, our bodies react differently to them. When you start to think about Crystals are used to improve some functions of everyday objects. For example, a big one would be the use of different elements in hospital equipment and lasers.

Tapping into Crystals Potential

When using Crystals, you must understand that they need to be cleansed, charged and programmed for us to get the most out of them. You can cleanse crystals in various ways; however, some of the easiest ways are running underwater, usin

g sage, or using sound to neutralise the stone's energies; you can then charge your crystals under direct sunlight or full moons. To program your crystal, you must spend some time with the crystal and state your goals and intentions for crystal.

Choosing a crystal by colour

Crystals differ in size, look and colour, so choosing the right one is essential. Each type of crystal is known to do different things; however, if you are unsure what to get, you can first go with colour.

For example:

• RED: Grounding, Protecting, Pain relief, Heart Healing, strength and courage

• ORANGE: Creative ventures, Getting into the flow, Confidence, Sexuality and fertility

• YELLOW: Willpower, Drive, Goal setting, Manifestation, Intention, exams and study

• GREEN: Forgiveness, mending, relationships, compassion, understanding and back pain

• BLUE: Confidence, Direction, Expression, Musical Talents, Stress reliving, calming

• PURPLE: Spiritual development, feeling seen, experience, clearmindedness, meditation

• CLEAR: Clarity, awareness, openness, angelic connection, spiritual guides, goal setting

• PINK: All matters of love, healing on all levels, Self-care, Self-forgiveness, inner child

• WHITE: Strength, radiance, healing bones/teeth, spinal support and calmness

• BLACK: Protecting, fear removing, cleaning negativity, extracting disease or pain

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